Spend Halloween’s night in Dracula’s Castle with Airbnb!

For Halloween’s night, vampires’ fans can win a chance to spend the entire night in deep immersion into Dracula’s haven…

On the 31st of October, two travellers are going to recreate Dracula’s story, spending the night near the fogy’s Transylvanian mountains, in the Bran Castle. This 14th century mansion had inspired the worldwide known Dracula’s Castle, from the famous Bram Stoker’s novel.


Dacre Stoker, darkness creature expert devoted to his great-uncle’s novel, is going to meet the special guests to tell them the darkest vampires stories, in particular the most famous one, the Count Dracula… myth or reality? The lucky winners will tell us at the end of their exciting experience.


After a journey walking through the corridors’ maze, climbing grinding and gloomy stairs, visitors will enjoy a candle light dinner traditionally prepared, as described in Bram Stoker’s novel. Will they be able to get some rest sleeping in their velvet coffin? hearing the night’s whispers and stray wolfs’ howling’s?


To have a chance to win, check back this website : airbnb.fr/night-at/dracula
Good luck, brave souls!


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