Focus on smartphone wars: Apple teased by Motorola!

« Colours are not ideas »

The message seems pretty clear: it is not enough to create keynotes or weird named colours to be qualified as creative. This is Motorola’s reproach addressed to their big concurrent: Apple. The brand is accused to promote a DNA that is no longer relevant.

“Think Different.” – Really?

Besides a slightly high camera’s quality and a missing plug, what is the real innovation concerning the brand new iPhone?

With this new spot created by Ogilvy & Mather, Motorola put the light on its last devices and its accessories. Thanks to a magnet system, an optical zoom is easily added to a camera, and even permit to project the phone’s screen on a wall.

This is not the first time that the brand is mocked in advertisements by some of their competitors… Be aware, though, by being too nasty and pinpoint, we may think that some brands could really be afraid of the apple : )

For even more fun, you can watch this one:




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