Netflix creates a website to rate our friends!

To promote its leading series Black Mirror, Netflix has imagined a website allowing users to evaluate their friends out of 5.

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Black Mirror is a series produced by Netflix who targets to show us the different unhealthy deviances that technology could bring us in a close future. The particularity of the series is that each episode tells us about a different story, more or less alarming. In an episode of the 3rd season, the population own an app which controlled everything: it permits to rate in real time whoever you want, from 1 to 5 stars, giving people universal grades.

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The more your grade is high, the more you can have access to advantages just as the best house, the best car etc.

Surfing on that trend while promoting its series, Netflix has decided to put online a similar device, showing that a world based on those crazy inventions is not that fictive or unbelievable. The best example is probably with this Chinese communist party who wants to grade its citizens out of a hundred!


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