Introducing : The NoPhone Air

211. This is the amount of time people check their phone on a daily basis. Disturbing? Yes, a little.

Van Gould, Ingmar Larsen, Chris Sheldon et Ben Langeveld were use to work in advertising, and they couldn’t get through those days entirely spent on phones.

That’s how the NoPhone is born: a need to cut disconnect from our phone, a need to laugh about it in order to make fun of all those codes and tech’ culture. A phone without screen, without batterie: just a little piece of black plastic sold for 10 $.


The project has, obviously, its own Kickstarter page permitted to finance the whole project. 600 euros were raised since the beginning of the adventure, based on this description:
Introducing the NoPhone Air, the first NoPhone that is no phone at all.
When you open the NoPhone Air packaging, it looks like there is nothing inside. With absolutely no features, the NoPhone Air feels nothing in your hand. It’s a completely distraction-free device in frustration-free packaging.
The NoPhone Air is the perfect gift for people who need no phone. Now everyone can put down their real phones, pick up the NoPhone Air and enjoy real life.”

The adventure continues, ans the NoPhone has extended its range with a case made of air, sold for 5 $ (only available on pre-order)!


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