2017’s Social Media Trends

1- Twitter Death
We don’t need to be a social media expert to see that Twitter is going wrong. The gap between Facebook , Instagram or Pinterest’s performances and Twitter’s ones is increasing everyday. The Blue Bird social media is only attracting brands, which are declining gradually their interest in it. Nevertheless, we can think about a repurchase by a digital mastodonte.


2- Interactive content
In 2016, new tools have emerged, improving engagement on social medias, as seen with Facebook’s emojis, Likes on Instagram comment section… Your content has become interactive, showing what you exactly feel during this precise moment.



3- The rise of 360° videos
Facebook has put ahead this kind of content for the first time, allowing people to show users through 360° videos what is happening in every part or the world.
This immersive content is a real goldmine for brands, delivering a unique experience to customers. 2017 is ready for this!


4- Virtual Reality
Linked to the appearance of 360° videos, virtual reality will be a huge success this year. Facebook repurchased Oculus Rift a few years ago and just have to wait for the technology to be democratize.


5- B2B in Social Media
Investing in social media has become a real opportunity for brands. Nowadays, people are asking for emotions, interactions with people. Companies can not spread out a simple message anymore.

7- 2017: Instagram Year
In 2016, Instagram have adapted itself to its competitors Snapchat and Periscope, becoming very successful. The social media is going to launch soon a new service: Instagram Shopping. Advertisers will be able to sell their products through the platform!
This new functionality will for sure please many brands, offering new possibilities to consume, sell and buy.



8- Lives monetization
2016 has seen the birth of broadcasting live videos, 2017 will probably see its monetization. This is how it usually works: a new functionality is launched, people see how it works, and then they look for a way to monetize it.
In 2017, you’ll se sponsored live videos appear!

9- The development of chatbots
Chatbots have made its public appearence in 2016, and they’ll be even more involved in our daily use in 2017, with advanced features. Platforms offering those kind of interactions are growing, permitting to enhance customers’ experience.



2017, we’ll keep an eye on you!




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